Farming Building Energy

The world is currently in the midst of a biological revolution involving the application of biotechnology or the utilization of biological processes on an industrial scale.  In growing giant timber bamboo for downstream processing, Bam d’Afrique is seeking to create a scalable, yet flexible system for generational prosperity in partner communities and countries.

Its capacity to successfully and rapidly adapt to varying environmental conditions in different countries as well as its high yielding capacity, are important factors that determine bamboo’s suitability. Since soil quality plays a minor role in its commercial success, it is exceptionally suitable for areas where soils have been depleted, leading to rural impoverishment. In addition plants do not need large amounts of water – typically irrigation is only needed during the first dry season after planting, preferably using a simple manual system.

Bam d’Afrique grows bamboo in partnership with landowners, including commercial farmers, mining companies and communities with communal land assets.  Farming bamboo is not unique.  What makes the Bam d’Afrique model unique is the structured supply of specialized cultivars, cultivation technique expertise, negotiated supply agreements and technology supplied through dedicated (commissioned) research.