Bam d’Afrique is driven by a passion for commercialising technological solutions that enable broad-based sustainability initiatives with a particular strategic focus on community development.

We are currently in the midst of a biological revolution involving the application of biotechnology or the utilization of biological processes on an industrial scale.  In growing giant timber bamboo for downstream processing, Bam d’Afrique is seeking to create a scalable, yet flexible system for generational prosperity in partner communities and countries.  Bamboo is highly unique in being a single renewable resource that offers an elegant solution to address a multitude of community development needs. The growing and processing of bamboo offers an ideal economic driver creating jobs, electricity, fuel, food, clean water, buildings and many other benefits, enabling the sustainable development of rural communities in large parts of the world, especially in Africa. Farming bamboo and its conversion to downstream products is not unique.  What makes our model unique is the structured supply of specialized cultivars, cultivation technique expertise, negotiated supply agreements and technology supplied through dedicated (commissioned) research.

Our Mission
Bam d’Afrique will contribute to the sustainable development of Africa and other regions through farming and processing biomass.

Aims and Goals
We are duly aware of the relevance and importance of our transformational responsibilities within an African context.  The establishment of a bamboo industry in Africa will catalyze efforts to effect transformation of people and communities.  Therefore Bam d’Afrique aims to create substantial stakeholder value by:

  1. Facilitating the growing of bamboo in Africa and other regions;
  2. Facilitating the use of biomass for downstream processing;
  3. Earning a fair return for our investors and stakeholders and, as far as possible, assist with socio-economic development, the protection of ecological diversity and the improvement of soil as a valuable asset, by re-investing in local sustainable development projects;
  4. Continuously re-assessing all aspects of commercial bamboo production and processing technologies to ensure that we remain at the cutting edge of technology related to the international bamboo industry.


Bam d’Afrique believes in the power of partnership to achieve is goals.  Our key partners include: